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    Ten Ways for Kids to Volunteer During Winter Break

    Happy Holidays! Winter break is a great time to complete a family volunteer project together. There are many (fun!) ways to give back that your kids will enjoy while making a difference. Have a “hot chocolate stand” (instead of a lemonade stand) and donate the money you earn to a local charity. Visit a Nursing Home. Bring friends with you to sing holiday songs! Or, spend time talking with the residents.  If you’d like to hand something out to the residents, consider bringing flowers, hand-drawn cards, and small gifts (tea, magazines, etc).  Sign up to deliver food with your local Meals on Wheels, and bring your kids with you. Find…

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    It’s the little things! Pop Tab Collection

    Do you give a second thought to the little tab on your soda can?  Probably not!  But those little tabs can help a charity! Today, I wanted to share a project that kids all across the country are doing—collecting pop tabs! Here’s a story about one little boy doing this project:  I first heard about Cash last year from the Tea Collection’s “Inspiring Little Citizens” project. He’s a 7 year old from Minnesota who has been collecting the tabs off soda cans.  He has collected almost 6 million pop tabs!!  Cash donates the money he raises to the Ronald McDonald House in support of sick children and their families. His…

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    5 Ways for Kids to Give Back on Veteran’s Day

    On Veteran’s Day, we can honor our veterans while teaching our kids about history and gratitude.  Most of us have Monday off of school, so in addition to whatever fun you have planned this weekend, I hope you can take some time to do something special and meaningful for our veterans. Here are five really easy projects for kids to give back and give thanks to a veteran: Write or draw a thank you card to a veteran.  This organization, A Million Thanks, provides names and addresses for veterans and they provide sample letters to help guide you through the project. This is a nice, simple project to make an annual…

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    3 Skills Kids Learn When They Volunteer

    We volunteer to make a difference for a person or for our community, not to do something that benefits ourselves.  However, along the way, giving back does help teach kids essential life skills.  Through volunteering, we are more connected to others. We work as a team, we realize our actions can make a difference, and we understand things about people and situations that are different from us.  Hands-on experiences like volunteering can provide an opportunity to cultivate these values and life skills in our children.There are many, many ways that volunteering benefits our kids, but here are just three that you might see when you and your family make giving…

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    Donate Your Halloween Candy to Soldiers

    Happy Halloween!!  We dressed up as Doc McStuffins’ crew this year (my four year old is obsessed with that show) and are headed to a neighborhood party and some trick-or-treating tonight. If your kids are like mine and just don’t like candy….haha, totally kidding!  My kids are just as obsessed as everyone else.  With so many Halloween festivities in the last week, we already have So.Much.Candy.  If you also have more than enough candy (probably true for everyone…) or just want to share a few treats as a KidsGive Project, consider having your kids donate their extra candy to deployed troops or veterans.  It’s a sweet way to give  back!…

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    How to do a Halloween Costume Donation Drive

    Back in August, the girls and I started working on a very special Halloween GiveBack project—a Halloween costume donation drive. Halloween costumes have been a hot topic over in our house since like April, and Molly has changed her mind about what to be about 15 times.  When you’re 4, deciding on a costume is one of the most important decisions you face (ha! Kidding…kinda 😉 ). Halloween is a favorite for children everywhere and trick-or-treating creates so many childhood memories.  Yet, for families who are struggling financially, costumes often just don’t fit into a budget.  How can a struggling family justify a $20 costume when there are so many…

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    KidsGive: Read to Dogs at an Animal Shelter

    This story just made me melt.  Kids have been reading to dogs at a shelter.  The dogs are getting adopted an average of six days faster, the kids are working on their literacy, and everyone is having a great time. Sometimes it’s about connection- even the connection between a dog and a child.  This story is so sweet. This project is run through the Humane Society or through local shelters.  However, if there’s no project in your area, just call up your local animal shelter to see if they’d let your child come volunteer to read. KidsGive Project:  Read to Shelter Dogs Ages:  6-15 How:  Call your local animal shelter…

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    First KidsGive Project: Donating Food

    Hi friends!  So, I decided to keep our first project really simple- buying canned food for a food bank.  We received a community brown bag asking for donations to the local food bank and this seemed like the perfect first project for my four year old. FAST FACTS:  40 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including 12 million children.  Our local San Francisco Food Bank distributes enough food for 100,000 meals every day!  Food banks often need food the most during the late spring and summer- that’s when donations drop dramatically but there are often more people to serve.   First task was helping her to understand…

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    Why a blog about kids giving back?

    I want my kids to grow up giving back.  I want them to start when they’re young so it becomes a part of who they are.  I want them to learn that helping others and being involved in the community is important and a genuine responsibility as individuals.  And I know many parents feel the same way. Is that wishful thinking?  Some days, it feels like enough just to get our kids fed and dressed and off to school! But being kind and helping others seems more important than ever in the world today– and as parents, we don’t always know where to start and how to create these opportunities…

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